Solubilities of Salts

  1. All sulfate salts are soluble in water except lead(II) sulfate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and silver sulfate
  2. All chloride salts are soluble in water except lead(II) chloride and silver chloride
  3. All nitrate salts are soluble in water.
  4. All ammonium salts are soluble in water.
  5. All carbonate are insoluble in water except Group I carbonate (lithium carbonate, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate) and ammonium carbonate
  6. All metal oxides and metal hydroxide are insoluble except Group I oxide and hydroxide (sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide etc)


Summary of Salt Preparation


Soluble Salt Preparation:

  • filtration_method.jpg

o The salt solution is heated until saturated.
o The saturated solution is allowed to cool so that crystals of sodium chloride can be formed.
o Dry the crystals between sheets of filter papers.


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